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- portal for the museums of Vordingborg Kommune.
Køng Museum - Køng fabric, an industrial adventure.

Local Historical Societies

The Local Historical Society for Vintersbølle/Nyråd
At this site you can find information about projects, news and arrangements in the local historical society for Vintersbølle/Nyråd. You can find facts and stories about the forest of Vintersbølle and the Publican House and other historical places.

Local Genealogy Society for the area Vordingborg
For people with interest in local genealogy research.

Other websites related to history

- Pictures and fatcs from the small town Mern and surroundings. Read about "Lærkegården" which has been owned for more than 20 years by Anne-Marie and Kurt Jacobsen.

Genealogy Research on the Web

DIS-Danmark - Danish Web-based Genealogy Society.
Arkivalieronline.dk - Digital Church Records and Census.
Dansk Demografisk Database - Danish Database with historical sources including census.

Private Genealogy Sites

Personal Site by Kasper Beck Hemmingsen, containing a genealogy database.

Website by Lars Skovvang Larsen, containing a genealogy database concentrated on the east and south of Seeland.